Upcoming Litters of AKC Siberian Husky Puppies For Sale

Litter details at the bottom

*Wait list procedure*


I breed first and foremost for myself. Each litter has a purpose, be it show quality, working, or more towards a dual purpose dog, I keep what I feel best suits the purpose of the litter. Sometimes that is no puppy.


My deposits are $200 and non refundable but transferable.


For litter specific wait lists, I will take up to 4 deposits/names for 1st pick, 2nd pick, 3rd pick, and 4th pick before I consider the litter's wait list "full". People with deposits will have picking preference over those without deposits as a deposit shows me that someone is more serious about getting a puppy. All people are required to fill out a puppy application before getting on any wait list. 


Once the puppies are born and I make my pick(s) I go from deposit to deposit down my wait list. Picks usually take place at birth unless I am holding the litter for evaluation. Each person has 72 hours to at least get in contact with me, not necessarily required to choose within that time, but I at least need to know if each person is still interested so I can go from there. 


I also have an alternate wait list for people who are looking for something specific but not any certain litter or basically backup people for specific litters.


I do reserve the right to change the stud of any litter at any time as well as first pick of all puppies.


Pet price (Limited AKC on spay/neuter contract): $700


Breeding/Showing Price (Full AKC) *Co-Own Only* : Please ask as Full AKC is NOT available on all puppies. The price and contract would vary widely based on the puppy or dog, however all dogs sold with full rights are co own only.


All puppies leave with a packet that includes a leash and collar from Lupine, their AKC paperwork, their AKC Reunite microchip paperwork, a health record detailing their shot(s) and deworming dates, informational papers, and enough of the food they are used to to switch them over to something else.


I offer a cash rebate program to encourage people to get out and do activities with their dogs and to also train their dogs as I feel this encourages successful bonding. Up to the purchase price of your dog you can get rebates for taking your dog to obedience classes or obtaining titles from classes to therapy to hiking.


I offer a $100 discount for repeat puppy buyers.

I have puppies due in late October.