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Jasmine is spayed, retired and in a loving pet home in North Carolina.



Jasmine is a Roxy X Monster puppy from the same litter as Panda, born November 24th, 2012. I had sold her as a puppy on a contract and due to the breach of the contract she is now back with me. Despite the life she had on a chain with her previous owners, she is really a great dog just like her sister Panda.


Jasmine is 22 inches at the shoulders and usually 55-60 pounds. Her mother is Roxy, who is black and white with blue eyes and her father is Monster, a wolf grey and white with blue eyes. Jasmine is black and white with blue eyes and she has a plush coat.

Jasmine has been health tested through OFA. You can view her results here :

Below are Jasmine's parents, left is her mother and right is her father.