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A collage of Midnight from birth to now

Midnight is spayed and retired.

When Roxy was almost a year old, I decided I wanted to get her a “boyfriend” and found Budah, a two year old red and white male, at Two Colors Kennel in Wisconsin. I planned out the trip to go get him and then I saw a picture of this little, sweet looking 6 month old female “Maggie” at the same kennel and for sale. I talked to my boyfriend and he said no, that I did not need to add a 3rd dog right now. Well apparently my mind had other plans as on my 21st birthday I sent a deposit for Maggie that to this day I do not remember sending. I woke up the next day and saw on Facebook that I had sent out a non refundable deposit. It was done and I was happy about it. It was 16 hours each way to go pick up Budah and Maggie, we stayed overnight on the way there in Milwaukee and I went to a casino for the first time. On the way home we debated on a name for Maggie and she became Midnight.


Midnight's mom is grey and white with blue eyes and her dad is red and white piebald with blue eyes. Midnight is black and white with blue eyes.


Midnight is a very shy girl and very calm and laid back. She is 21 inches at the shoulders and 40 pounds. Her puppies are always very sweet and loving, just like her. She loves my son and he was the first person she really came to trust when she started living with us. She also loves puppies. I think she would truly be happy if she was surrounded in puppies all the time, she always wants to “steal” other dog's puppies and snuggle with them.

Midnight has been health tested through OFA. You can verify her results here :

Below are Midnight's parents, left is her mother and right is her father.