black grey white siberian husky dilute black siberian husky
A collage of Aurora from 2 weeks to now

Aurora has been retired to a pet home.

black grey white siberian husky dilute black husky
Aurora and I at our first UKC show & her ribbons

 My first homebred girl was out of a surprise and truly accidental litter. She was the second born out of four puppies and her mom spent over a half an hour trying to push her out. She was the biggest puppy in that litter and over and over I could see her little face appear from her mother and breathe only to get pulled back in, so I had to intervene and pull her out. She was a fiery little girl, full of life and I knew then and there I had to keep her. I never even listed her for sale. She has matured into a beautiful girl, inside and out. She has attended two UKC shows and has 75 points and 3 competitive wins, she just needs 25 more points to have her UKC championship. As of 1/20/14 she is an international champion through IABCA!!


Aurora is a very, very loving dog. She loves to give kisses and constantly be by someone’s side. She is very calm and good with my son. She is a very friendly girl and loves all people and all dogs.


Aurora is black grey and white with blue eyes. I say black grey and white because her back is black and her sides are grey. Her mom, Midnight, is black and white with blue eyes and her dad, Rocco, is black grey and white with blue eyes. She is 21 inches at the shoulders and 50 pounds.

As of July 2014, Aurora has been health tested through OFA. You can verify her results here :

Below are Aurora's parents, left is her mother and right is her father.