**Blackie has been missing since 12/07/13**

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Blackie from birth to 6 months

My tiny baby was born on December 13th of 2012 (two weeks after Panda). She was the second smallest of a litter of 7. She was the most unique and BLACK girl I have ever seen. Midnight got very sick when this litter was 4 weeks old and we almost lost her. For her health and her puppies we separated them and nursed the puppies until they were 6 weeks old. When the rest of the litter left I kept Blackie with Panda and Roxy so Midnight could continue to get better. Blackie and Panda, being so close in age, bonded instantly and are inseparable.


Blackie is at 1 year 32 pounds and 20 inches at the shoulders. She is very slim and sleek like a race husky. She is the perfect lap size and I think she is going to stay that way. She is a little sweetheart. Since she weighs less than my son, he has pretty much claimed her as his own. She follows him everywhere and they just adore each other. If she doesn't get much bigger I may not breed her due to the fact that she is SO small and I wouldn't want to hurt her. I would have to find a tiny husky stud dog.


Blackie's mom Midnight is black and white with blue eyes and her dad Brownie is red and white with blue eyes. Brownie is almost 20% Seppala, so Blackie is about 10% Seppala. My boyfriend owns Brownie, and has Brownie's mom Oreo (black and white blue eyes), had Brownie's dad Zeus(grey and white bi eyes), has Zeus's dad Max (white bi eyes) and had Zeus's mom Princess (black and white blue eyes). Blackie is mostly black and has one blue eye and one part brown part blue eye. I didn't notice her parti eye until she was 8 weeks old, it is a sliver of brown at the top of one of her eyes. Barely even noticeable.