**Roxy has been missing since 12/07/13**

A Collage of Roxy from birth to now
A Collage of Roxy from birth to now

Roxy is my oldest Siberian. She was my first Siberian. I remember when we went to pick up her dad, Junior, from Starfire Siberians here in OH. I remember thinking how big he was and how much he looked like a cow.


Roxy was born on April 29th. I had to work that evening and her and her other 2 surviving siblings were born before I went to work, I personally delivered them. It was my first experience with piebald Siberians, before I even knew the term piebald and what it meant. Roxy’s parents, Junior and Coco, were both splash coats with a white shawl or collar over their shoulders, just like Roxy but they each had piebalds in the litters they were born into. I missed having a dog of my own and while I loved Coco the most I wanted a dog of my own. I chose Roxy because of Coco’s temperament.


Roxy has an amazing temperament that is passed onto her puppies in many ways. She is great off leash, so much in fact that after talking to other breeders I wondered why they always talked about how un-trustable they are off leash. She is also very, very calm and laid back, also unusual for a Siberian or so I am told. Even as a puppy most of the pictures I have of her are her sleeping because that is mostly what she does. Maybe once a day or so she gets what I call the “zoomies” where she starts running around like she is truly crazy. She has always been good with my son and all dogs of other sizes.


Roxy is a very big girl, very tall for a husky and she weighs in at 55 pounds, she is black and white with blue eyes. She takes after her dad Junior who was a retired sled dog. He was 95% Seppala and black and white with blue eyes. Junior was very tall and very lean, and that is just how Roxy is built. Roxy's mom Coco, red and white with blue eyes, is also a big girl but she is much shorter (more like a show husky than a sled husky). She is very big boned. Roxy is black and white with blue eyes and 47.5% of the Seppala bloodline. I highly reccomend reading about the Seppala huskies and Leonhard Seppala, the founder of the husky breed. Junior was born at Deer Creek Sleddogs of WY.


Roxy is OFA good! OFA Hips #: SH-18353G26F

Here is the link to the results : http://www.offa.org/display.html?appnum=1594323#animal