In 2012 I found a male husky for $150 that was in Wisconsin. He was 2 years old, AKC registered, unrelated to my dogs, and a proven sire. His name was Budah. So I made plans to drive the 10 hours each way to go get him and decided to get another dog while I was there, a 6 month old female. I got Budah and Midnight in April 2012. We were in the process of moving, Budah was one of the last dogs to go. Our neighbors let him loose, led him to a chicken coop, and shot him 6 times while he was running away. He died in August of 2012 and I was never able to use him as a sire. My boyfriend was able to use him as a sire and has a daughter of his whom I hope to have a puppy out of some day.