On this page you will find a few of our policies, but this is mainly a page to detail our deposit policy.

Deposits: We take deposits to hold puppies. To hold a puppy is to not offer it for sale elsewhere and to stop looking for a family for that particular puppy. That protects you against us selling your puppy to someone else. The deposit protects us against you backing out, for if you had not placed a deposit at all we could have had a different home lined up for the puppy. Deposits are non refundable. The deposit is not refundable if you cannot get it anymore. The deposit is not refundable if the puppy does not have blue eyes. It is not refundable if something comes up for you. I would only refund a deposit if for some reason I was unable to provide the chosen puppy. On a case by case basis I MAY consider refunding, even if only partially, for a documented family or medical emergency. While deposits are not refundable they are transferable for up to one year. You can choose to transfer your deposit when you originally say you cannot get the puppy, you can choose to go on a wait list or a different puppy if such is available at that time. The price at which you placed your original deposit however will not be applicable, you will be subject to the price of whatever puppy or litter you choose to transfer it too. After one year has passed, your deposit is forfeit.


Placing a deposit holds your puppy until it is ready to go. Puppies are typically ready at 8 weeks old. I can hold puppies past their ready date, usually I will hold them for a week after they are ready without charging extra as long as a date has been set. Holding a puppy more than a week past the ready date for a buyer does incur boarding fees of up to $10 a day until picked up. If you do not agree with the boarding fees your deposit is forfeit. I try to set a price in advance whenever possible.