Parker's Siberian Huskies is solely owned and operated by Tara Milefchik (that's me). I live in the hills of Manchester, Ohio which is right on the Ohio River. I/we are a small hobby breeder and while I do show dog(s) I will probably never consider myself a show breeder.     


In August of 2009 I started dating a Siberian Husky breeder. I knew NOTHING about Siberians other than they were racing dogs and could have blue eyes. I have seen his kennel shrink and grow. In March of 2010 I got pregnant with our first child, a son Ryan, who was born December of 2010. He can sleep through every dog bark and whine. He can even sleep through dogs jumping on him. Our daughter Kylie was born in October 2014. Jack was born October 2019.

The whole "Parker's" part of the kennel name started in 2010 when my son Ryan was born, since I gave him his father's last name of Parker. I got my first Siberian Husky in 2011 just 6 months after my son was born. She was "Foxy Roxanne Parker" or Roxy Parker. So then both my "kids" had the last name Parker. Slowly all my dogs (and the other kids) have become Parker's, thus the kennel name of Parker's Siberian Huskies.