Siberian Husky Puppy Ad Terms: The Dictionary

AKC - American Kennel Club, requires generations of registered dogs

CKC - most commonly referring to the Continental Kennel Club, any dog, stolen dogs or strays included, can be registered with paperwork and pictures

No Papers - two unregistered, possibly stolen or strays, were bred. Or dogs bought with non breeding papers from AKC were bred and the puppies can't be registered

Full/unlimited registration - can be bred and shown with AKC. Should be of best breeding quality

Limited registration - cannot be bred or shown in AKC

Rare - breeder is marketing or breeding for specific traits and ignoring other important things such as health or structure

CH - champion. Ask what registry and if its not the parents then its not worth paying more for

CH lines - champion bloodlines. If its further back than 3 generations its not champion lines and has little to no impact on the dog

OFA/Health tested - Parents have had their hips/eyes cleared. Ask for proof.

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